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We offer a broad range of support services for disabled people, family and whānau. What is right for you will depend on your stage of life, your needs and, most importantly, your aspirations.

  • Helping you to navigate and access your support options.
  • Providing good information.
  • Creating meaningful community connections.
  • Working as an advocate to ensure your voice is heard.

Many of our services have eligibility criteria and some may unfortunately not be offered in your area. We would encourage you to contact your local branch to learn more about how we might be able to best support your needs.

We also offer a number of services that help build a more accessible, inclusive Aotearoa that includes all people.

Journeying Together

Journeying Together is a new social enterprise which aims to transform transport systems and the urban environment to make them accessible for all people.

If you’d like to learn more, please contact

Access Advisors and Educators

We work with communities to help make them welcoming and inclusive of all people. This can involve giving advice on changes to the built or urban environment (like, buildings, roads, parks) and including everyone in community activities and events. We work with local councils, building companies, building owners and government departments on a range of issues that impact the lives of disabled people. Our team can work with others to make public buildings, homes, amenities, walkways, streets and public transport more accessible for everybody.

If you would like to learn more you can download our Access Advisors and Educators brochure (PDF 518 KB).

If you have concerns about access or would like advice in your community contact your local branch


CCS Disability Action and BarrierFree joined forces in 2020 to ensure a more accessible Aotearoa for disabled people. BarrierFree works to help public and private clients create buildings, spaces and transport networks that are accessible and welcoming to all. Services include advocacy, training, technical and policy advice, and education. We work alongside organisations to create accessible designs that balance user needs, costs, regulations and aesthetics.

You can find out more about BarrierFree's work on their website.

Disability Awareness Training

Our disability awareness training is designed to educate people on disability related issues and to break down the barriers that exist to achieve a fully inclusive society. It is about challenging attitudes and developing an understanding about disability so disabled people can be part of the community like everyone else. We have delivered this training to employers, local councils, students, government departments, taxi drivers, and health professionals. For more information contact your local branch.


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