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The government has major changes planned for footpath rules.

The government is proposing allowing a large variety of powered transport devices (including e-scooters) as well as cycles on all footpaths.

We do not think this is safe or wise.

Our intern Pia Huston has been working on a draft submission. It is attached. Please send her any feedback by Monday 18th May to

We also encourage you to get involved and have your say. Many Councils are still in the process of finalising their submissions and in some parts of the country, the community response to Council has significantly influenced changes to original thinking.

This is very important legislation that individuals can make a small submission to and have a voice heard. You might like to know, that if you choose to make a submission, you do not necessarily need to speak to this submission.  The more submissions the greater the influence on Government thinking.

Do submit, you can send an email with your thoughts to

If you want some suggested wording, see the attachment “Suggested email”. Feel free to copy, modify, and use. Make it your own, your voice is important!

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