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New vocational research changes service delivery thinking.

In 2016, CCS Disability Action commissioned a research project with The Donald Beasley Institute entitled “Getting the Life I Want”. The intent of this research was to ensure our organisation was clearly hearing the voices of the disabled people we work alongside in a time of immense change within our sector to ensure that we are offering the best possible service and outcomes related to employment. This research allowed people to tell us exactly what is working for them and whether we are delivering services that effectively meet the real needs of people and communities.

What we have been reminded of through this research is that inclusion in, and access to employment are primary goals for disabled people throughout New Zealand. 80% of people that were involved in the Online Survey told us directly that this is where we need to focus our work and the Integrated Literature Review spelt out that the ways to do this are through community development and connectedness and by partnering with employers and the community at large.

Our goal now is to utilise this research and evaluation to move towards greater responsiveness to disabled people and communities. We are aiming to support change at an organisational level by focussing on the strengths and talents of branches and communities throughout the country. For us, this is a first step in a process pf responsive change. We have listened and heard what people are looking for and what they need. Now we will take the necessary steps towards meeting those needs and be the change people want to see.

CCS Disability Action’s Melissa Smith, General Manager Southern Region and David Matthews, Chief Executive launched the “Getting the Life I Want” research project at the NZDSN National Employment Symposium held in Hamilton on August 9-10.


Visit  to read them online, or email to order a hard copy.


Mel and David
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