Important information about the Mobility Parking scheme

To protect you and our staff from transmission of COVID-19, we are not currently processing any Mobility Parking permit applications or payments over the counter or in person at any of our branches.

If you would like to apply for or renew your existing mobility parking permit, please use our online application services if possible or post your completed form to:

Mobility Parking Hub
CCS Disability Action
PO Box 267
Christchurch 8140

However please note: our mobility parking permit printing company has had to cease operations as of 24/03/2020 under the COVID-19 restrictions. So no new permits can be printed. We will let you know as soon as this situation changes. It is our hope that access to essential service outlets will be better than usual with less people out at the same time.

Council enforcement bodies have been alerted to the permit supply problem. We advise people whose permits have expired from March 2020 on-wards that they can use their expired permit until supply is back to normal.

You can learn more about how to apply online here.

If you would like help to complete your application online or by post, please get in touch. We would be happy to talk you through this simple process.

Phone: 0800 227 200, press 4 for Mobility Parking


Mobility Parking permit applications or payments can be posted to:

Mobility Parking Hub
CCS Disability Action
PO Box 267
Christchurch 8140

Countdown priority assistance for Mobility Parking Permit holders

Countdown supermarkets are giving Mobility Parking Permit holders the opportunity to become a Priority Assistance online shopping customer. Please see how you can sign up below.

Register for Countdown online Shopping at

After that you will need to complete this form:

 Please enter the code ‘CCS’ along with your mobility permit number in the field where it asks for a Super Gold Card number. This will let them know you are the holder of a mobility parking permit and they can work to filter you through the process as quickly as possible. If you have a Super Gold Card you can enter that number too, but in the ‘reason’ field

Once they’ve processed your application you will receive an email to confirm that you have been accepted into the Priority Assistance group. 

 What this will mean is that when you shop online you will see dedicated delivery time slots on our website that others can’t see subject to availability.  These delivery times will be reserved for use by our Priority Assistance customers. There aren’t many time slots at the moment due to heavy demand but we are working to grow capacity and there should be more availability over the next week or so.

 Priority Assistance customers will still be subject to the same limits as other online shoppers and everything else about the service will remain the same, as it is for other shoppers.  All deliveries will be Contactless which means our drivers will just place the groceries on the doorstep, knock on the door and go. They will also send you a text message to let you know your groceries have arrived. 

If you have further questions please ask them to visit our website and review the COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions or have them ask Olive, our Virtual Assistant, that will pop up to chat on our website.  You can find Olive at

If you need help with the Priority Assistance application process please call our dedicated number 0800 477 655  or email us at  If you need help with anything else you can call our Customer Care team on 0800 40 40 40 but please note that they are very busy and the wait times can be quite long so please only call if it is absolutely essential.

About the Mobility Parking scheme

CCS Disability Action has been providing the Mobility Parking Permit Scheme since 1977. The scheme supports people with mobility impairments to travel more freely within their communities and is currently used by over 150,000 Kiwis.

As a mobility parking permit holder you can park in designated mobility parking spaces. These are wider than standard parking spaces (making it easier to get in and out of a vehicle with a wheelchair or mobility aid), and are located closer to services and facilities.

The permit also allows the permit holder to park in some regular parking spaces for longer than the designated time. This varies depending on where in New Zealand the permit holder lives.

There is a fee charged for a permit and to renew an existing permit. Fees are used to administer the scheme and advocate for greater awareness around access issues and regulation of mobility parks.

There are clear criteria on who is eligible for a permit and permit holder’s responsibilities. This ensures that mobility parking spaces are available for people who really need them.

Who manages the scheme?

The Mobility Parking Permit scheme is managed in partnership with a number of groups.

  • CCS Disability Action manages and issues permits and advocates to improve public attitudes to mobility issues. 
  • Doctors or GPs assess people to determine their eligibility. 
  • Local councils provide and monitor on-road parking spaces. 
  • New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) manages the legislation around parking requirements and fines
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