Help build a more accessible Aotearoa

The Access Aware app is a world first initiative set to revolutionise the reporting and enforcement of mobility parking abuse.

Join our pilots in Christchurch and Wellington

If you are in Christchurch or Wellington, you can participate in the pilot phase of our Access Aware app by downloading and using the app to both report mobility parking abuse and map mobility parks in your area.

The rest of New Zealand

If you are anywhere in New Zealand outside Christchurch and Wellington, you can still download the Access Aware app and help build a more accessible Aotearoa by mapping any mobility parks in your area. The ability to report mobility parking abuse will be available to you when the app is launched New Zealand wide, next year.

About Access Aware

CCS Disability Action developed the app with ThunderMaps and it is now available in Christchurch as a pilot in partnership with Christchurch City Council and in Wellington in partnership with the Wellington City Council.

Access Aware allows you to report any parking misuse you observe. These reports will be shared in real-time with Christchurch City Council and Wellington City Council Parking and Enforcement teams so they can monitor the use and respond to abuse of their parks.

You can also use the app to see the locations of known mobility park locations on a map in real time to help you find a park when you need it.

New Zealand is a progressive, first-world country, and we should do better.

Research completed in December 2016 by CCS Disability Action indicates that levels of parking abuse have not improved in ten years, with abuse rates still unacceptably high, despite increases in fines and attempts to grow awareness of the problem. We believe the current situation has to change. By downloading and using the Access Aware app on your smartphone you can make a real difference to the disabled community by actively creating social change.

Following this pilot, we will successively rollout this technology to our membership, networks and via our Mobility Parking permit holders database as well as across councils and businesses of Aotearoa.

Put them in their place. Stop Mobility Parking abuse.

Access Aware has the potential to be very useful for all disabled people, their families and whānau. We plan to significantly improve everyday access issues that prevent many people from fully participating in their communities. It’s free. It’s easy to use and it could help change the accessibility landscape in New Zealand.

We invite you to download the app on the Google Play or Apple store by searching 'Access Aware'. There is a dedicated Helpline for questions and technical issues on 0508 227 322, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch. This will be available between 9am and 5pm, Monday – Friday.

By downloading and using Access Aware during our Christchurch and Wellington pilot,s you will be one of the first people in New Zealand to experience this lifechanging technology.

So help build a more accessible Aotearoa. Download Access Aware today!

Access Aware as it appears in the Apple store

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