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A partnership forged on common ground

CCS Disability Action and BarrierFree are joining forces to ensure a more accessible Aotearoa for disabled people. We sincerely believe that through this partnership, we can better serve the disability community.

There is a special history between our organisations that makes this partnership even more meaningful. BarrierFree was initially part of CCS Disability Action before becoming an independent Trust 25 years ago. This shared legacy and our strong shared vision for an accessible future is at the centre of our new alliance.

“CCS Disability Action is active across New Zealand helping and supporting local government, communities and businesses to understand the need for changes to make the built environment accessible to everyone. Joining forces with BarrierFree will strengthen this work and ensure we can be even more effective in what we do – this partnership presents many new opportunities and possibilities for the future,” said Dairne Kirton, Board President of CCS Disability Action.

We are so much stronger together

Both organisations are committed to removing barriers and promoting better access within the built environment for disabled people. We firmly believe that our partnership will be better for everyone and therefore everyone will benefit.

There is much in common and much to build on. By joining forces, we will create a structure for the future that is fit-for-purpose and provides the capability and capacity to deliver on the vision we share and are deeply committed to.

As united and focused partners we achieve a critical mass from which to build capability, create a centre of expertise in access issues, and enhance technical excellence. By sharing knowledge and resources we can offer the people we support, our clients and stakeholders across the public and private sectors, greater insights, guidance and solutions in a more efficient and effective manner.

“BarrierFree has a rich legacy of people with passion and an unwavering commitment to improving the lives of disabled people through promoting better access for all using universal design principles and providing practical solutions.  Our partnership with CCS Disability Action enables us to honour and continue that legacy with enhanced capability and resources. We are excited about the future as we progress our shared vision, leverage our combined influence and expertise, and ultimately deliver better outcomes,” said Katrina Bach, Board Chair of BarrierFree.

CCS Disability Action BarrierFree

The BarrierFree brand will proudly continue but it will now be backed by the full scope and resourcing of CCS Disability Action.

This partnership is grounded in a strong belief that we can have greater influence and impact by working together.

Together, we will continue to develop strong, meaningful relationships with all our clients and stakeholders in order to champion a barrier-free environment to support the creation of a world that includes all people.

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