Concerns and complaints

The Mobility Parking permit scheme allows people with mobility issues to get around their local community. It is important that only permit holders use these spaces. So, if you have a complaint about how a permit is used, please let us know.

Reporting abuse

If you think someone is using a Mobility Parking space who is not entitled to, you may want to report them.

But please be aware that a person's disability is not always obvious, or the person you have seen getting out of the car could be picking up the permit holder.

There are clear criteria around who is eligible for a permit and the responsibilities of permit holders.

In a Mobility Parking space without a permit

Write down the registration number of the vehicle.

Mobility Parking spaces are monitored by the owner of the car park.

  • If it is an on-road parking space, contact your local council 

  • If it is an off-road, or private car park e.g. supermarket or shopping mall, contact the property owner.

Using a permit without a disability

Write down the permit number and contact your local branch of CCS Disability Action. We will contact the permit holder to advise them of the allegations of the misuse of their permit, and discuss the situation with them.

Parking fine

Mobility Parking spaces are monitored by the owners of the car park. The council or car park owner will issue a fine or clamp if they see a vehicle parked in a Mobility Parking space without a valid permit clearly displayed. You may also be clamped or fined if your vehicle is parked in a regular parking space and you have exceeded the allowed time.

Can I dispute a fine?

The terms of use for your Mobility Parking permit are clearly stated on the application form. It is important you understand your responsibilities.

However, if you believe you have been mistakenly issued with a parking fine, contact the owner of the car park. Their contact details will be on the parking ticket.

Processing my permit

If you have any concerns or queries about the contact you have had with CCS Disability Action please let us know. Whether your concerns are about the application process, your eligibility for a permit, or processing of your permit, contact your local branch of CCS Disability Action.

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